Highland Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sabbath School archive

Every Saturday from 9:30 -10:30 AM  we have  Bible study groups, called Sabbath School. We have classes for all ages from birth through adult.  For kids, these are age appropriate bible classes led by background checked trusted leaders. For teens and adults we have discussion based classes on various topics.

Beginners (ages 0-3): Children should learn to love Jesus from Birth. Our Beginner Sabbath school is designed to reach little hearts for Jesus. Parents are asked to stay with their children and interact with them in the program. 

Kindergarten (Ages 4-6): Our Kindergarten Sabbath School is a busy place. Kids actively participate in the Bible lessons. Parents are welcome to observe but their attendance is not required. 

Primary (7-10): In Primary Sabbath School Kids actively learn about Jesus and how to live for Him. 

Juniors (10-12): At the Junior age kids began to operate more analytically and the Junior class engages the preteen mind in the lesson. 

Early Teens: (13-14): Early teens are challenged to make God real in their everyday life. THe Bible hold the answers for dealing with the stresses and temptations that his teens. 

Youth (15-18): This class is led by Highland Academy and meets an Ponce Hall. 

Adults (19-up): We have several Adult classes to choose from. Our Hosts/Hostesses can direct you to one that you will enjoy. Most of our adult classes follow the official Adult Bible Study Guide from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. To see the current topic click here.