Highland Seventh-day Adventist Church

YouTube Instructions


Hello, this page will tell you all you need to know to get started uploading videos to the Highland Adventist YouTube channel.

The Basics

Google Account

To upload anything to YouTube you must have a Google account. You could send your video files to the church's media team but video files are HUGE and very hard to transport. Because of this we recomend that you use an existing Google account or create one. If you use Gmail, then you already have a Google account. But if you don't, you can follow the steps in the video below to create one.

Creating Content

Obviously to upload a video to YouTube you need a video! If you are on this site chances are you already recorded your video, if so skip down to the section entitled "Editing your Masterpiece"

When deciding what to film you need to keep these 3 things in mind:
1. Does my video paint others in a negative light?
2. Does my video glorify God or something else?
3. Does your video contain things that would not be considered "G"

As long as you keep these things in mind you should feel free to create whatever God inspires.
Some of the things that we have had uploaded to our channel in the past are devotionals, shorts that show a truth about God, and personal stories about how God has affected you.

Some examples are below:





Creating your Masterpiece

To make your video you will need a camera, a cell phone will do fine! The very simplest way to make a video is to simply open your phone or iPad's camera app and push record. (We'll talk about how to get your video on the web a little later). You could also pull out any other camera you have and use that. Using your phone is more simple but using a dedicated camera may make your video higher quality.

Because of its simplicity I would recomend just using your phone, sometimes the best tools are the ones you have. If you are feeling ambitious feel free to experiment with using fancier cameras or even a green screen!

If you do plan to use your phone, please turn it sideways so the video fits better on computers, TVs and the church's projector.

Editing your Masterpiece

Once you have a video you may want to edit it for the content. Perhaps you want to edit out a cough, an interuption or whatever. For this you will need a video editing software.

Macintosh and iPhones
You can use iMovie for free. This will let you edit videos right on your phone or you can download them to your Mac for a few more features. You can download iMovie here.

Windows Computers
Movie Maker was included on Windows 7 computers. If you upgraded from Win7 to Windows 10 then it is probably already installed. Or you can use Video Editor which also comes with Windows 10. You can watch the video below for Video Editor for doing simple corrections and cuts. If you want to dive into something with a lot more features, you can use the free software called "kden". Below is a video made by the Birmingham SDA church as that is what their Sabbath school teachers are using to produce their online Sabbath school.

Adding an End Screen

It is important to give our video some common ties to our local church and our other content on YouTube. To do that we would like you to add an "End Screen" to your video when you upload it. This is simple to do and it is demonstrated in the video editing tutorials mentioned in the editing section above. We just ask you add the image at the end of your video and that it be displayed for 15 seconds. It will include placeholders where we will add extra links for subscribing to our church YouTube channel and to present more church content. You don't have to worry about adding the links as we will do that for you after it is uploaded, you just need to add the image at the end of your video.