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Tornado relief Oportunities.

On Sabbath December 11, 2021 a massive tornadic storm ripped through the southern United States especially Western Kentucky. We praise God that to our knowledge no Adventists in our conference territory were killed in this disaster, however many lives were lost and the situation is very challenging right now.

Here are some opportunities to help volunteer. Due to the urgency of these needs we have not completely vetted everything listed here. New needs will be posted as we get them in order of most recent. 

--Pastor Steve


Update 2021-12-15 7:56 AM: from Pastor Trey Sharp.

Hi Pastor Steve, information has been slowly coming in as to how folks can help with clean up. This is an article we are using to guide folks who want to help with the clean up. I am being told they are meeting at a place on Nashville road every morning at 8am here in BG to receive assignments and credentials. Hopefully this can be helpful to you.

To sign up to help:



Info and safety guidelines for helping:


Updated 2021-12-11: From Elder Mike Hewitt

I’m sure you are all aware of the devastating tornadoes that rolled through Kentucky last night. I watched a video of Mayfield and I was stunned because the town is pretty much completely destroyed. I am sending out an email to see how many volunteers we can round up and or financial resources we can collect to help the people of Kentucky try and recover from the devastating losses they experienced. 

We have people who have pledged to come and help from outside our conference and we are beginning to receive offers from within as well. Debris clean up will start on Monday so volunteers can plan to come on Sunday evening to be ready to begin working on Monday morning. Please let me know if you or any of your members would be willing to come and help for a few days in Mayfield Kentucky.  Mike Burks has offered to allow us to use the gym at the Paducah church for lodging but we will need a head count to ensure that we have enough room for KYTN volunteers to spend the night since other volunteers from outside the conference will be staying there as well. 

Volunteers will need to bring their own bedding and toiletries. Accommodations will be the gym floor at the Paducah SDA Church. Volunteers should plan to bring tools they are experienced using for debris removal. No one should bring any tool they are not well experienced using   The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt while trying to assist in the debris removal. 

Please let me know as soon as possible how many volunteers you have by sending me a list of names so we can compile them and see what we have. Thank you in advance and please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions. Let’s join together in praying fervently for the people in Kentucky who have lost so much. I praise God that Jesus is coming soon and will bring an end to tornadoes and death. 

You are appreciated, 

Mike Hewitt, Vice President for Administration 
Kentucky Tennessee Conference of Seventh-day Adventists   
850 Conference Dr # B, 

Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Telephone: (540) 314-2705
Email: mhewitt@kytn.net

Update 2021-12-13 1:00 PM

Pastor Mike Hewitt, our Conference Disaster response director will be leading a group to Marysville, KY on Tuesday, December 14. If you are interested in volunteering Please let him know by emailing mhewitt@kytn.net.

Update 2021-12-11 4:50 PM

Kevin McKellip McCracken Co. VOAD is ccordinating volunteer efforts.


Update 2021-12/11 2:15 PM (submitted by Casey Clark Kentucky EMC)

Bowling Green Medical Center is in Desperate need of blood donations. 

Update 2021-12/11 1:00 PM (submitted by Casey Clark Kentucky EMC)

Skilled teams are needed in Dawson Springs and Bowling Green . 

Also as teams of relief workers wear out new volunteers are needed. TO volunteer contact David Elliot Emergency Management Coordination Center

453 Old Symsonia Road Benton, KY 42025

C - 502-234-8005

O - 502-607-5159

Update 2021-12-22 12:54 PM (submitted by Casey Clark Kentucky EMC)

Mark Stephens is the pastor a Christ United Methodist Church are cooking and providing shelter for workers and victims. They could use help. 

-Phone: 270-559-5044

Address: 1322 W Broadway, Mayfield, KY.

Update 2021-12/11 4:00 AM

  • Adventist Community Services is the monitoring the situation and will likely be setting up a warehouse when the time is right. If you want to be on the list of volunteers to call on when the need is present email Elder Mike Hewitt at mhewitt@kytn.net.

Donations can be made to Adventist Community Services here.   You'll need to click on "More Offering Categories…"  under the "Conference/Union" section.  Sectionhttps://adventistgiving.org/#/org/ANTIII/envelope/start