Highland Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Chronicles of Prophecy

Chronicles of Prophecy Trailer: 

Chronicles of Prophecy Episodes:

This series is best viewed in order because the episodes build on each other

Part 1: The Inception of Deception

Part 2: A Metal Man Turned to Sand

 Part 3: The Second Coming of Jesus

Part 4: The Antichrist Agenda

Part 5: Antichrist Unmasked

Part 6: Mystery Babylon

Part 7: The Rock That Will Not Roll 

Part 8: Bible Prophecy's Coin Shortage

Part 9: Fake News Exposed

Part 10: Deadly Delusions 

Part 11: Extinguishing Hellfire's Myths

Part 12: How to Postpone Your Funeral

Part 13: Thunder in the Holy Land

Part 14: America Goes Beast Mode

Part 15: God's GPS

Part 16: The Mark of the Beast Part 1

Part 17: The Mark of the Beast Part 2

Part 18: Preparation for the Tribulation

Part 19: God's Remnant People

Part 20: Armageddon & the Plagues

Part 21: Revelation's 1,000 Years

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