Highland Seventh-day Adventist Church



Latest Tithe Report

By Albert Dittes

Highland Church members gave $862,899.33 in 2019, a slight decrease from $856,977.94 the year before. But then, our membership went from 765 to 758 by the end of 2019. Some of our tithe payers may have transferred out.

The good news is that our tithe-per-capita, or the average tithe per member, went up, from $1,120.23 in 2018 to $1,125.20 in 2019. That puts us slightly above the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference average of $1,079.85.

Some, of course, give more than $1,000 a year in tithe and some less or not at all. Compare your own giving with these figures. 

The overall tithe picture means that we can handle this $571,000 we owe on remodeling our church facility. Conference policy states that our debt limit is 200 percent of our tithe, or $1.71 million. We are thus well within our financial limits.

For example, 20 percent of our annual tithe amounts to $170,579.87. In other words, if all those tithing would give 2 percent of their income to Mission Restore, we could bring in $170,000 a year. That of course won’t happen, but it shows the money to pay off this debt is there. Just one percent would be $85,289.92 per year or $7,107.49/month, enough to bring the debt below $500,000 this year.

Let’s rise to the challenge,


Thanks for the positive
February church budget report


Tithe for the month--$86,688.06

Church members gave 1.87 percent of their income to the local budget.